Cosima Laube - Achieve MORE together!

Agile Navigation Coach | People Worker | CEO

Current main work areas:

Organizational Development, Moderation & Facilitation, Team Coaching

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Consulting for Effective (Remote) Collaboration

About me:

Experienced Agile (IT) Professional with a B.Sc. in Psychology - in the field since 2002

International (Keynote) Speaker

Lifelong learner. Bridge builder.

Networker and People Connector

Listener. Life travel guide.

Human being (

How can I support YOU?

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Selected Publications (more)

Recording of one of my Talks: 'Multiple Selves?! Growing Leaders Applied' at Agile Tour London 2018 (EN)

My BSc. Thesis on 'Mindful Leadership - An Overview of Current Research' (abstract (EN) or full-text (DE))

Selected Collaborations - Agile Coach | Management Consultant | Trainer

emendare - Public Speaking | UnConference Organisation